Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yuck yuck yuck

Monday: I didn't have to work and I had a test in my Biology class so my whole game plan for the day is: Study, clean my car, study, paint the bathroom, study, laundry/fold clothes, etc, etc. So I get up, eat a wonderful breakfast and took a nice long bath and went over all my study guide. Got out and and cleaned my room, threw my sheets in the washer and sat down on my chair for a minute and turned on Good Things Utah. I was just sitting there, trying to get motivated to start up again, when my kitten caught my eye. I could see her in the kitchen dancing around being silly so I watched her for a minute when something caught my eye. Whatever she was dancing around moved.... NO not a mouse... WORSE! There was a huge ol snake in my house! I want to cry just writing this down... but oh my heck! I lost my mind! I started screaming and I ran for the door. I just saw my dad leave so I knew he wasn't around and I was just praying that Jade was outside somewhere. So I screamed and screamed and screamed (I honestly couldn't stop), and I couldn't see anyone around so my next thought was jump in my car and driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Then I realized if I did that I would never ever dare come back in my house cause I wouldn't know where it went so I ran back in, screaming and bawling and sprinted in the back to find my phone! Thats when Jade come rolling in! He is so fast and I could tell that he thought something really really bad had happened and I felt really bad, but all I could do was point and scream snake! So then he hugged me as I'm trying to push him towards the kitchen and he half carried me outside and told me to go sit outside for a minute. I'm still screaming mind you.... Anyways, Jade caught it and carried it outside and stomped the crap out of it.
I feel so violated!

we made it one year!

wow, i can't believe it... ha! actually, it wasn't too rough with my crazy husband. he puts up with me and all of my whining and i honestly don't know how he does it. anyhow, on saturday after they got done shippin cows we headed out to logan. we checked into the anniversary inn and then jade took me to sizzler (a newfound craving of mine) AND then he actually took me to Nights in Rodanthe. it was good but.... ah well. then we went back to the room, ate hot dogs, cheesecake and banana splits. makes me sick to think about:). but it was a wonderful relaxing time. on sunday we went and saw his family and visited with them and then came home! i love my husband and i am so thankful for him!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am starving

This week has gone by so fast for me... i had to work on Monday, go to class Monday night from 5-8 (biology mind you) and then me and my crazy mom drove to Salt Lake where she had a free night stay at the Little America Hotel because she was summoned for Jury duty Tuesday morning. Our room was great and we had so much fun together, mom got up and left by 7:30 so I just laid in bed... since I had absolutely zero plans. I finally got up and watched Good Things Utah and started to panic thinking that mom must have been chosen. I had to check out by Noon and had no idea what I was going to do. But mom called me at 11 ecstatic because she hadn't been chosen! How fun!!!
So we went to lunch with Sherrie and Dean at the Macaroni Grill! It was so fun to visit with them! We are so lucky to have them on both sides of our crazy family! Then we shopped at Sugarhouse for a little bit and then headed to Park City. I bought some shorts for my little boy that were $.99 very exciting and then a little bit of mac makeup. Surprise :) Then we had to hit Panda and grab the feast for our starving husbands and we might have made a quick trip to Coldstones (but don't worry, we got the kids size). That was about it for our crazy trip.

I went to the Doc yesterday and everything looks great! We leave on our cruise 2 weeks from today and I cannot wait!!!!!!!!! Oh and I am officially craving the Chicken Malibu from Sizzler.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is my little boy's foot!! Isn't it so cute???? Here you can see his little face and body and his legs are curled up by his belly! :)
When Jade got home Saturday night, he brought me roses. He is so sweet! I love him!

Friday, September 19, 2008

My mom and I went to Logan this week and decided to run quickly into Michaels :) ya know, just one of those quick stops... but right when we walked in the door the first thing we saw was all of their Cricut Cartridges on sale from $89.99 to $39.99!!!
I bought the Paper Dolls one and mom bought the Animal Kingdom one. So much fun!!!! It ends Saturday so get some!
Also, I have a quick question for anyone interested in answering me. I made chicken enchiladas the other night... I kind of just threw a few things in (chicken & mushroom soup, sour cream, jalapenos) but I was wondering what kind of spices you guys use. I threw all the basic ones in but it needed something and I can't figure out what it is...
Oh, one more question... :) has anyone written any papers on plants?? Like about roots, stems and leaves?? I need help :)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

just a few pics!

This was today!!! I love Jader, he is goin to Mesquite & St. George this weekend to win some big $$. I volunteered to hold the fort down... :)
I made him take a picture of my new hair. My friend Emily did it and she did so awesome! She did my toenails too, she is a sweetie.
This is my new purse. :) I bought a coat rack the other day too, I've never had one and found a cheap one so I thought why not, i'm gonna be a mom and coat racks look mature... :) Ha!!
My mom is gonna die but I just had to throw this on!! We are at the state fair and isn't she just the cutest woman in the world.?!
This is a yucky before pic of my baby boy's room. Yuck huh? :)
Here is an in progress picture of it. It is white today because all that texture is drying. Hopefully next week and I can put some more updated ones up...

This is from the parade in Randolph...
Here is the cute fam!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Also, I went and saw The Women this weekend. I thought it was pretty cute... and I would watch it again!But I can't wait for this to come out... it comes out the 26th, a day before my anniversary so maybe we will go see it. I'm sure Jade will be excited about that....


Ok, I'm finally going to write a post!!!! 2 weekends ago... wow-me and Jade went to Jackson and he won a ropin! It was fun. I went shoppin with my friend Emily and also my mom! We ate at the Merry Piglets which was a very yummy mexican restaurant. Thursday and Saturday, Jade roped in the State Fair. We down early the first night with my parentals and walked around the shops. It was fun, Jade bought me a new purse that I love love love!

I started my LAST college class and I go every Monday night... It is Biology-Plants and Civilization... yuck. Honestly, it is going to be hard, but I want to finish so we will see. Work is good. I think that me and mom are going to go Logan tomorrow and my friend Em is going to cut my hair, and I'm plannin on buying paint for my baby's room and my bathroom! FUN FUN! I textured my bathroom but am tryin to decide what else to do with it.

Everyone knows now, I'm having a little boy and I am sooo excited!!! Jade was ecstatic and I'm glad that I could make him happy for once... :) Jade and my dad roped in Ogden on Saturday so I got to go to a few stores and we made it into Old Navy and I got this jacket for my little guy. The one on the little feller in the middle! Cute huh?!

I also got him a shirt that reminds me of Uncle Wader...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

it's a...


Tuesday, September 2, 2008


We had a Dr appointment last Monday! We were at 18 weeks and figured we would be able to find out what we were having. So we wait forever (ya know how dr's like to make you nervous) and finally the guy comes in. Asks me how I'm feeling, any questions, concerns yadda yadda. Then he picks up his file and is like "Oh, you guys are at 18 weeks.. we can schedule you for your ultrasound or have you done that already?" I'm sure the look on my face was not one of comfort for that poor man, but i was just...ew... angry. I was like, "Whoa, wait a minute.. I thought thats what we here for?" He laughed and was like, "Oh my machine isn't high-tech enough to be able to determine the gender. We have to schedule it in another office." I wanted to be like what in the freak am I paying you for???? So then back and forth we go until finally I knew I wasn't goin to win. So then we go to the appointment desk and ol Doc thinks he is doin us a favor by telling the secretary schedule their ultrasound the same day as their appointment so they don't have to make 2 trips. So we have to wait a whole month?!! I called the next day and was like no, I need in sooner. So I am goin in on the 12th to find out what I am having. Kind of exciting. Scary though!!!