Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FuN wEeKeNd!.!

Cute little friends....
Jade roped in Logan this weekend and won 2nd! Good job hun... and Bob & Laura came and stayed with us Friday night and on Saturday we went to the lake! Aunt Curly's family came too and brought their boat and jet ski (thanks Brett!) and we had such a blast!!! It was kind of a chilly day but we had fun anyways!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

*picture update*

things i love to make lately... we love to play at the beach...without diapers!
cutest little kodger ever right?
can't belive how fast this summer has gone, but we have had a blast!

above: brayker passed out in wal-mart with his hand digging for treats...
above: brayker hit a table in mcdonalds and got a black eye... he was super tough about it!

Hmm... where to begin. we can finally see an end coming to rodeo season! It is a fun time, but we start getting worn out and missing Jader (not sure why?:)) We miss grandma Renee & grandpa Weston... granny Weston just turned 88 on monday! Wowzer! Grandpa Bob is doing well and hopefully done with treatments!
We finally orderd a crib tent to take to Lindon so we are looking forward to getting sleep when we go down there next. Brayker is jibber jabbering now and saying all kinds of funny words. But I think I am the only one that can understand him! ;) He has pretty much all of his teeth except for the dreaded 2 year molars. He's started going to nursery and the 2 times he has been, he has cried more than he has the past 18 months of his life! I'm assured he'll get use to it soon.
His binky is officially gone and he did it all by himself! Seriously, best kid ever right!?
Mom finally got a lawn put in! Well, the trees are in and the hydro-seed is starting to come up! She is super excited! Today is my dad's birthday! Happy birthday Pops! Truly love you forever and you win the best dad award this year!
Tagg & Brayker are having so much fun together... except for the fact that they always want what each other has and they haven't learned the concept of sharing yet, but they are so fun!!
Everyone else is doing great, that I know of anyway! Hope everyone is having a super fun summer! Love you all!