Wednesday, April 20, 2011

where does the time go?...

We have been crazy busy it seems like, but I can't think of anything that we have been doing.. :) We branded some calves last weekend and Jade's family was able to come help and hang out with us for the weekend. Laura was busy planting me some shrubs and picking up my yard. She is so awesome and I appreciated all that she did! 
 Jade bought me those yellow roses for no apparent reason.. he is so thoughtful. We went to a ropin in Twin Falls a few weeks ago and the boys were able to go swimming! So fun.
 Had a fun weekend in Lindon a few weeks ago. Kept everyone busy...

 Trouble all around right?...
 We painted our kitchen and redid the floors. I feel so much fresher and cleaner when I am in there now. Fun to change things!
I also got rid of my big entertainment shelf that was just collecting dust and stupid trinkets and I found this table at the DI for $15... whipped some paint/glaze on it and it opened up our living room so much! Fun change!
Our biggest news lately is that we are going to have another little boy running around the house... He is due September 11! I am nervous how I am going to take care of 3 guys in my house, but I guess we'll figure it out as we go along. We are open to suggestions for names so please feel free to give us some ideas! Cash prize to the winner... :)
Brooke helped Mom and I make some cute Peep wreaths for Easter. They were way fun and I'm totally making them again next year!
Cassidy Sudduth made me some yummy strawberries last weekend and they were so awesome that I just had to post a picture of them. They were so yummy!!
I hope that everyone is doing great! xoxo