Thursday, September 25, 2008

i am starving

This week has gone by so fast for me... i had to work on Monday, go to class Monday night from 5-8 (biology mind you) and then me and my crazy mom drove to Salt Lake where she had a free night stay at the Little America Hotel because she was summoned for Jury duty Tuesday morning. Our room was great and we had so much fun together, mom got up and left by 7:30 so I just laid in bed... since I had absolutely zero plans. I finally got up and watched Good Things Utah and started to panic thinking that mom must have been chosen. I had to check out by Noon and had no idea what I was going to do. But mom called me at 11 ecstatic because she hadn't been chosen! How fun!!!
So we went to lunch with Sherrie and Dean at the Macaroni Grill! It was so fun to visit with them! We are so lucky to have them on both sides of our crazy family! Then we shopped at Sugarhouse for a little bit and then headed to Park City. I bought some shorts for my little boy that were $.99 very exciting and then a little bit of mac makeup. Surprise :) Then we had to hit Panda and grab the feast for our starving husbands and we might have made a quick trip to Coldstones (but don't worry, we got the kids size). That was about it for our crazy trip.

I went to the Doc yesterday and everything looks great! We leave on our cruise 2 weeks from today and I cannot wait!!!!!!!!! Oh and I am officially craving the Chicken Malibu from Sizzler.


justin and sherrie

That sounds like fun. Enjoy the sleeping in while you can! So like I love the little daily update thing you do... that way we can stalk you. J/k. I know a while back you wondered what people put in their chicken enchiladas. (I can't spell...)I drain a can of rotel tomatoes into 1 cup of sour cream, can of c. of chick and 1 cup of shredded cheese. Then I put the rest of the rotel in w/black beans chick and onion. Put a dob of the first mix in the tortilla w/the chick mix and then roll up and put the remaining s.cream mix on the top w/of course, more cheese. I love these little babies from enchilada heaven and now I'm craving them, thanks!

Northern Nuts!

You are a crazy person - you do know that RIGHT!