Tuesday, December 30, 2008

satin sheets

I hope everyone had a Very Merry Christmas! I know that I did!!! Jade bought me a new video camera that I LOVE!! He also got me some great sweaters and a foot spa and a whole bunch of little things! He did great! My parents gave us a rocking chair! It is so comfy cozy!! Jades parents gave us all sorts of fun things along with money so that we can go shopping! How exciting! I'm so sad that it is all over, but it was a great Christmas!
Well, I guess that countdown is officially on. Yesterday was the 28th of December and I am supposedly due the 28th of January. (just lost my stomach but i'm ok!) I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I'm so excited but in no means does that mean I feel the teensiest bit ready:)
***Just a note for anyone pregnant: I read somewhere that Satin sheets are a must, and I admit, I bought some & seriously... I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. It is so easy to turn over in bed and so much nicer to just slide right out when I wake up my whole 5 times in the middle of the night! Jade is having a hard time getting use to them, but I think it is more for the fact that they are cheetah print than the smooth satin feel! :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Well we made it home from Vegas and what a wonderful time was had! :)
This is my cute crazy husband and my fav cousin Louie!
Jade and Louie roped in the #13. They had to rope on Wednesday and they caught all 3 so then they had to sit around all week and wait to rope one more time on Saturday! How scary! They were 7th high call and ended winning 4th place!! Which is fabulous! Here is the catcher! They both won $25,000!!!!I'm not one for hunting or deer heads hanging on the wall or any of that sorts but this deer is so crazy, I thought I'd show you!
This is the Putters (Connie and Danny)! They are so much fun and we are so glad that they came with us! Vegas wouldn't be the same without them and they are such good troopers!

Here is mom and Connie sitting at the arena where we spent every morning except for Sunday!
Louie and Chels after the big win!
The hubs and me!
I feel bad, I have hardly any pictures of our trip but we did have a great time! We went shopping to all of the Cowboy Christmas' and had I known Jade was gonna win me some money I woulda bought a lot more stuff! :) I'm glad to be home and away from the smokey smell of casino's. We walked alot and I got soo tired a few days but everyone took great care of me and it was so much fun!!!
I'm so proud of Jade and Louie and thankful for the blessings that we receive! We are so lucky! And in case anyone was wondering... I didn't gamble once!! (Jade did plenty for the both of us:))
Well, officially 6 more weeks supposedly until this little angel of mine arrives. I'm hoping for an angel anyways which means I want him to be more like me than his dad :) but we will see what happens! Starting to get nervous for being a mommy but I'm just grateful I have family close and a great husband!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Good grief! I have been horrible with my camera lately and don't have many pics so just thought I'd throw a few random ones on! This is the snowman I made at Super Saturday! I love it, and wish I would have ordered more!!
My crib finally came! Sherydon helped me put it together. I don't have a mattress yet so I just threw some stuff in to make it look not so lonely.

I made a fleece blanket for my little guy and this is an upclose of the embroidered puppies on it! SOOOO cute!
Sher took this pic the other day when my kittens were all tryin to sleep on me.
My kittens are leaving me tonight... I am so sad but my house is starting to smell like a cat so I'm glad at the same time. I know they'll be taken care of so it is all good! Maui is doing great and she is going to spend the week with Kitty in mom's garage. I think they're excited to spend some time together and now that Maui is all fixed up we don't have to worry about more kittens! :)
We are leaving for Vegas in the morning and I'm so excited! :) Hope we come home with lots and lots and lots of money!! Hope everyone is doing great!