Monday, September 22, 2008

Here is my little boy's foot!! Isn't it so cute???? Here you can see his little face and body and his legs are curled up by his belly! :)
When Jade got home Saturday night, he brought me roses. He is so sweet! I love him!



I can't get over how precious an ultra sound is. The other night when Nick and I saw your little movie, Nick was so impressed and thought it was just the neatest thing. Its so sweet that Jade gives you flowers!!

Bo and Mandy

oh that is so stinkin cute


congrats on your little boy!!
i'm so excited for you!
i hope everything goes well throughout the rest of the pregnancy :-)


How fun! Ultra sounds are so much better than they were when I had babies! I am so excited for you! Cant wait to meet little Will!!


Congrat! Little boys are so sweet. They are so good natured, well so far. Good luck with everything. Get your rest! Baby Boys are hungry little things too.


Don't you just love ultrasound pics.


So cute! Makes me baby ummmm make that grandbaby hungry!!