Tuesday, September 30, 2008

yuck yuck yuck

Monday: I didn't have to work and I had a test in my Biology class so my whole game plan for the day is: Study, clean my car, study, paint the bathroom, study, laundry/fold clothes, etc, etc. So I get up, eat a wonderful breakfast and took a nice long bath and went over all my study guide. Got out and and cleaned my room, threw my sheets in the washer and sat down on my chair for a minute and turned on Good Things Utah. I was just sitting there, trying to get motivated to start up again, when my kitten caught my eye. I could see her in the kitchen dancing around being silly so I watched her for a minute when something caught my eye. Whatever she was dancing around moved.... NO not a mouse... WORSE! There was a huge ol snake in my house! I want to cry just writing this down... but oh my heck! I lost my mind! I started screaming and I ran for the door. I just saw my dad leave so I knew he wasn't around and I was just praying that Jade was outside somewhere. So I screamed and screamed and screamed (I honestly couldn't stop), and I couldn't see anyone around so my next thought was jump in my car and driveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Then I realized if I did that I would never ever dare come back in my house cause I wouldn't know where it went so I ran back in, screaming and bawling and sprinted in the back to find my phone! Thats when Jade come rolling in! He is so fast and I could tell that he thought something really really bad had happened and I felt really bad, but all I could do was point and scream snake! So then he hugged me as I'm trying to push him towards the kitchen and he half carried me outside and told me to go sit outside for a minute. I'm still screaming mind you.... Anyways, Jade caught it and carried it outside and stomped the crap out of it.
I feel so violated!



oh my heck ronda. I was squirming in my seat just reading this. Now you'll have to walk around your house with shoes on. You were brave to go back in the house. I wouldn't have.


Ewww....I'm with you on this one. I could have taken the cat playing with a mouse alot better than a snake. Good thing your hubby was around to rescue you! Congrats on the one year anniversary.


You are too funny!! I had a picture of you screaming in my head and everything. Thankfully I am not afraid of snakes.. Kade however is TERRIFIED. I almost got divorced for throwing a twig at him and yelling snake. He didn't think it was funny. I am glad it worked out and your knight in blue wranglers came and rescued you. Happy Anniversary and just come by sometime OR you could join my club that meets once a month. I think I am going to do one in Randolph this year and one at my house. I haven't finished all the planning but I think I will have like 3 12X12 2 page layouts for everyone to put together a month. (Hopefully). There are lots of women there that did it last year with me. You can email me if you want more info. sammi_nickel@yahoo.com


Jason and Aubrey Boyer

NASTY!!!!!! It's actually pretty funny that you reacted that way, cause that's pretty much exactly what I would do. Gross. I would especially freak cause I leave my baby on the floor to play a lot now, and YIKES. I don't even want to think about it.


ew!! I would've been screaming too! Yuck!! We had a similar experience about a week ago, except it was a big old gross spider. I don't know which is worse...

Bo and Mandy

ug, ronda, I don't know how you went back in that house. Yuck. I hate snakes with a passion. YUCK YUCK YUCK!!


Oh my goodness! I would have just died! I don't know how you went back into your house. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary. It seems like it's been longer than that.


Ugh that would be terrible. I am actually more afraid of mice than snakes, but still I would have completely freaked out also.

Brady and Christi

Ew! I seriously hate snakes! I can't even imagine what I would have done! I would have been screaming too, that is for sure! I'm glad you survived! And congrats on the 1 year!

justin and sherrie

Ok, that's totally horrible! We had a mouse in our old apartment once and I didn't come down off of the kitchen chair until it had been dead and out of our house for like an hour. I hope your okay now though!


yuck i hate snakes they are my worst fear i would have died!!!


Oh My! So horrible! When I was young and had one little baby, (Holly) we lived in a trailer up Otter creek, we had a rat get in our trailer! Our dog trapped it and killed it! I did not relax in my house very well after that, until we did everything possible to avoid anymore unwanted visitors! I hope no more snakes come to visit! You were TOUGH!