Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My poor mom let me drag her to Ikea last Saturday! We were there for probably 2-3 hours. It was a long afternoon but sooo fun!! I just wanted to show my favorite purchase of the day!

It is a BIG picture that I am going to hang in my living room... I'm so excited! Also, Breaking Dawn comes out in 2 days, 8 hours, 2 minutes and 33ish seconds!!!!

Happy Late Birthday Ashley!!!

Yesterday was my beautiful sis-in-law's birthday! Ashley, We love you and hope you had a great day!!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I know that this is ridicously hard to see or even tell what it is, but i'm excited and my scanner at work won't copy so I hurried and just snapped a pic, but isn't my baby the cutest? :) For all of you who don't know I'm pregnant, then ya I am... i'm coming out. :) But I am 13 weeks tomorrow, (3 months, 6 days for all of you have never known the week system) and I'm so lucky and blessed because I haven't been sick. I even thought maybe I wasn't pregnant, but after my doc found its little heartbeat and took this picture, it is kind of starting to sink in, but not very quickly...

Friday, July 18, 2008

~girls day~

On Wednesday after work- Mom, Ash & Me loaded in the Enclave and headed for Draper! We got to see Dana's house for the first time and it is AMAZING!!! Dana is Ashley's mom and she is the most amazing and beautiful woman. I love her! I didn't get any pictures of her lawn but it is so absolutely breathtaking! When we got there, we ordered some very yummy chinese food and ate it on her back deck. NO BUGS!! It was so wonderful! Then we watched High School Musical 2 (thanks to Shelly). Mom and Dana didn't quite make it through but me & Ash held strong (thanks to Troy...) Ha!
Aren't they gorgeous!!! This is Thursday morning. We ate chinese food and toast with some yummy green tomoato jam... is that right Ash? I think that's what its called but it was great.
Cheers! :) Dana makes pottery and all kinds of beautiful things like this mug Ash is holding.

We went to Tai-Pan and spent 2 hours, but we got some fun stuff!!! Our carts would fluctuate. When we saw something we liked we put it in the cart and "let'er ride" til we found something we liked better or decided we didn't want it.
Then we went to Gardner Village and ate at Archibald's. It was so fun and the food was great!
It was such a fun place. They have brought in lots of houses and made shops out of them, we didn't get all of them hit but we still got some fun things!
If you go, you have to go to Anastasia's Attic! It has all kinds of cute fun girly things!!!
Make sure you ask for the fairy dust. They stamp it on your cheek with a cute little fairy wand!
We are all sporting the glitter stars on our cheeks! Cute huh?!

Then we had to hit the candy store! Here's the gals eating their fudge! :)

We had such a wonderful time and now that I know how to get to Dana's house, she had better watch out! :) She took such good care of us we can't wait to go back. Thanks Dana!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

*park city*

jade had to rope in salt lake on tuesday morning so we decided to go down and stay monday so we would be closer. on the way we randomly decided to stay in a hotel so we drove around and found the hampton in park city. we got the suite because jade wanted the jacuzzi tub, but it was so much fun! we ordered pizza and just relaxed. we got up early and made it to slc at 8 and jade ended up not roping until 3 in the afternoon. luckily, my parents came to watch him so me and my mom called sherrie and maddie and they came and got us and we went to the gateway. it ended up being a really fun day.
we went to jackson friday night and stayed until sunday morning. it was so much fun. i had a blast with my parents. on saturday, the guys roped and the gals went shopping!!

we ate at the saddle rock saloon which is hooked onto the jackson hole playhouse. one of my favorite places in jackson. my fam would always go to jackson when we were younger and the parentals would take us here and they just do a great job!

anyways, while we waited for our food to come out, our waiter sang to us. it was great... kind of awkward cause it was just us and him, but he had an amazing voice. he played clay boone in cat ballou that night.

this is jeanne weston. she is so cute and was so embarassed. i love her and she is so much fun. we had fun shopping together!

this show was soo cute and funny. i definitely recommend it! but jackson was great fun and dad won 2nd in one of the ropins so kind of exciting!

Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm a little late!

I know that I am a little late, but we had a such a great weekend!!! Jade went ropin and I didn't feel like traveling and sitting in the heat so I went to the rodeo with my parents on Thursday (dad roped with Lou and took 3rd) and then with them to the parade on the 4th! It was HUGE! :) Then we hit KFC and took a little ride out to Mirror Lake.

Well we didn't really want to pay $20 dollars to eat our chicken and leave so we just camped out on the side of the road! I know I know, a little redneck, but we are from Randolph so I guess we have a right! It was fun though!!

When we got home that night, Crazy Curly (my aunt shirley) informed us they were goin on a picnic to the homestead so we got to crash their party! It was fun to be with them and tease all of the kids! I love them and wish that they lived closer, but such is life!! On Saturday, I didn't have my camera, but we all went to Bear Lake! The guys rented jet ski's and had a great time and the girls layed in the sun and the kids had a great time! It was such a fun weekend!

This is Sherrie and Jason! They are a bit crazy but life wouldn't be the same without them!

This is Amberlynn! She definitely rules the roost in her family!!

This is Morgan and Miles, they are twins and the sweetest kids in the whole world!

This is Dean, Reeder, and Curly Sue!

This is Brett and baby Will! He is soooo cute!

Mom & Dad went to the rodeo with us in Oakley on Saturday night! It was great because me and mom took our lawn chairs and sat in the parking lot and watched the jumbo tron! It was perfect because the rodeo was sold out and we knew we would be squished to death so it was great! Jade looked great but his partner missed! Ahh, it was so fun though!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

FrEe ShIrLeY tEmPlEs, HeRe I cOmE!

On Friday, Jade and Louie went to Holden for a team ropin! They won 2nd place and I'm proud to say that they informed us yesterday that we get to go to the Vegas ropin! I'm seriously so excited because I love love love Vegas! I'm so proud of the boys!!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was planning on telling this story a month ago, but how easy things slip my mind... So it was June 2nd, 2007. Most of you Rich County-ites recognize that as being Testicle Festival time of year, and for all of you Rodeo wives... you know that it is rodeo season FULL ON! Well if you know me real well, you know that rodeo's aren't my thing. Poor Jade didn't know this until a year after we started dating because you all know that when you first start dating someone, you are on your best behavior & try to make their interests your interests, BUT this was our 2nd summer dating and my true self was starting to come out. I wanted to stay with my family at the Testicle Festival but Jade wanted me to go with him to Evanston to watch him rope in the slack & I finally agreed to go with him. So blah blah blah, he ropes and it didn't turn out good. Well his family had come to Evanston to watch him and they were all trying to decide what to do, whether to go watch the concert at the TF or just go home. I'm usually an indecisive person but I knew that I was starving so I said, let's all go to dinner. Every single person ignored me and Jade was like let's go back to Woodruff. I knew that we already missed the dinner there so I started to sulk (i'm not proud), but I was just plain out grumpy that day. So we get to Woodruff and i'm just minglin with my family... I saw my Grams & Gramps sitting in their car so I went and started chatting with them about everything. After a few minutes Geo got up on stage and started doing the auction and Jade found me and told me to come sit by him. So I get out and walk over to him and he just acts like nothing ever happened and starts talking to his dad, I was like good grief, make up your mind, so I slid on the fence next to my dad and watched the auction... Well they started auctioning of a rifle and dad bid on it a few times, but then quit (surprisingly) after a minute, and leave it to Geo- he was like "Ronda, get up here and model this gun for your dad." Talk about embarrassing!! So a few pushes and pulls from everyone finally got me up there and Craig started walking me around the people. Then I hear Geo say something about somebody else wanting a part in it and I look up and lo and behold there is Jade grabbin the microphone from G. I instantly knew what was going on... and started to cry. He took his hat off and got down on one knee and said "I'd be honored if you'd marry me." I didn't even realize what he said, and was waiting for a question so after a few seconds I whispered what am I supposed to say and he was like whatever you want. So I said yes.... End of story! Pretty exciting. I had absolutely no idea that it was coming. In fact earlier that day, Jade had mentioned maybe we should go ring shopping which was another reason that I was grumpy! He is kind of slow so i knew if he was thinking about it then it would be probably another year before he got around to it. But he is great and I love him sooooo much!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

*one more*

Alright, I know what everyone is thinking... ENOUGH WITH THE KITTENS... but here is my side of the story. They are at that age where Maui and I need to let go of them. Kind of sad, but it is a part of life i'm told (by my everloving husband). And so i'm writing one more time to let you know that they want you to be their new owner. Yes you. They are free and clean and happy! So let me know what you think because time is running out. Char is going to take them to Star Valley next week where they may or may not be given away and who knows who to, so I would rather you have them... thank you thank you!