Tuesday, September 30, 2008

we made it one year!

wow, i can't believe it... ha! actually, it wasn't too rough with my crazy husband. he puts up with me and all of my whining and i honestly don't know how he does it. anyhow, on saturday after they got done shippin cows we headed out to logan. we checked into the anniversary inn and then jade took me to sizzler (a newfound craving of mine) AND then he actually took me to Nights in Rodanthe. it was good but.... ah well. then we went back to the room, ate hot dogs, cheesecake and banana splits. makes me sick to think about:). but it was a wonderful relaxing time. on sunday we went and saw his family and visited with them and then came home! i love my husband and i am so thankful for him!



And didn't you just love the Anniversary Inn? We stayed there for part of our honeymoon and just thought it was wonderful!
Anyway, congrats again! Just imagine where you'll be in another year, especially with the little one :-)