Thursday, February 26, 2009

my very own little care bear...

Ok, so I am a mean mom and made Brayker wear this yesterday... just for 5 minutes though to take a few pictures... he is absolutely adorable in this outfit and I can't believe it but it isn't going to fit him much longer. :(

I bought this funny wall hanging at Alco in Moab for $10. Not much to look at but I thought it had potential...
This is what I came up with... not sure what to do with it now! :)

bath at grandma's house

random pics

Grandpa Weston and Brayker
Uncle Kent
So sad...
He is such a little angel.
I looked out the window the other day and my dads 2 puppies were squished together on these boxes like they didn't want to get their paws in the snow. So funny.

hello mac...

I am officially retiring from the makeup buying industry! :) Thank you Ashley for the wonderful gift card! I love my new eyeshadows!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

he's so big now...

Steph just emailed me a few pics and here is Brayker right after he was born... seriously feels like forever ago but then again... :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

We made it home from Moab and had a great time, I'll try to post pics tomorrow but really quick...

When we got home tonight I looked through my mail (thanks Sher) and my diploma came in the mail. I am officially a college graduate...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

guess who's one month old?

Brayker just got out of the tub and I had to take a picture! He has such beautiful dark skin and I'm so jealous! and He has the longest eyelashes in the world (just like his dad) and he has 3 dimples... again thanks to his father! I love my baby and I can't believe that he is a month already!
Poor little guy had a PKU on Monday and he did so good. I was a bigger baby than he was...


Friday was my mom's birthday! She is such an amazing woman and is so loving! She is the funnest person in the whole world and my very best girlfriend ever! Happy Birthday Granny!

Friday, February 13, 2009

3 weeks...

Brayker is over 3 weeks old! Oh my heck, where does the time go? He is already getting so big! This cute shirt he is wearing is from Wade & Ash (thank you), it says "Heart Breaker" on it. SOOOO cute!
He kind of likes to show off his muscles... and Jade is always teasing him about his milk belly!

Monday, February 9, 2009

bath time

Brayker's cord officially fell off and we gave him his first bath today! He loved it, or I think he did (he didn't cry or anything so I'm thinkin that is good). He is the best baby ever! :)
Thanks Mandy for the cute whale tub! We love it!

happy birthday

Last friday, February 6th, was my best friends birthday! We decided to take him to Mesquite so that he could enter the ropin down there... ok, so maybe he wanted to go and we decided we'd go with him. :)
So Brayker, Jade, Mom, Dad & me all loaded up and headed for some warmth... funny thing is- it was cloudy and rained most of the time we were down there, so no sun for us:( But we had a great time!
Brayker bought his dad a Cowboy Toy (a teeny plastic ropin steer and it comes with 2 mini ropes)... so that they can have some fun together before Brayker decides ropin is a nasty addiction that he doesn't want any part in. :)
Jade won 1st & 2nd in the #13 which was on his birthday so that was great... Mom and I shopped and played with Brayker the whole time. It was a fun getaway and nice to get out of the house. :) It was also Laura (jades mom), Louie, and Lauree's birthday that day so HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAY!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

This was in the hospital the day after Brayker was born...