Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Summer 2011...

We had a wonderful summer... it was a hot one, but we did so many fun things!
Top: Whitney Udy's wedding reception.
BL: me with looong hair (clip in's), BR: Slack in Ogden spent at the playground.
TL: Jackson Hole Ropin. Everything else at home... look at my green grass. :( Can't wait for that again! 
Lots of time in the practice arena...(another reason I can't wait for it to warm up.:))
Shad swimming in our super big pool!! 
Sunbathing at Crow Creek... it is so beautiful up there... Jade and I camped out in the trailer, he hayed all day and I: watched movies, rode the 4wheeler as fast as my pregnant belly would let me go, played in the water, and just plum relaxed... thanks for watching Brayker mom & dad! 
Picnic at Bear Lake with Aunt Curly's crew... it was a fun day! Brayker slept good that night! :) 
Brayker & Tagg were little troopers at the Raspberry Days Craft Fair... We found a shady spot to eat lunch and the guys had to go potty... I just love these pics! :)
And Jade riding dad's motorcycle... Brayker is on there with him, but you have to look close.  
The County Fair: cutest cowboys EVER! Except for Jade, I didn't get a shot of him anywhere...
He was the rodeo chairman this year, oh boy... he was kept busy running back & forth from one end of the arena to the other.  Saturday night the power went out right before the barrel racing.. it was a little dramatic because some of the girls were a little angry and Grandpa Bob ended up getting punched by one of the barrell racers, so funny! The fair was so much fun though, except for the dance was canceled (due to the power outage) so maybe this year we can dance Jader! 
Nana bought Brayker Jessie and they were inseperable for a few days...

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

catch up... 4th of july

i have decided that as my 'leap year resolution', i am going to catch up on my blog! i would hate to look back and wonder why i missed a whole year. :) so i have scatterdly written down a list and hope to slowly update you on the 7 months. 
*4th of july: FUN sugar filled day (parade candy), 2 months exactly from knox being introduced to the world, first time the love of my life attended a 'rich county' parade. YAY!