Tuesday, September 8, 2009

new shoes..

i ordered brayker some new shoes from pediped.com and just got them today! they are soo cute on him.

he crawls to everything and tries to pull himself up, and he is gettin pretty good at it.
and then he thinks he is so big and he gets so proud of himself.

Lately, when Brayker doesn't have his binky in, he has been sucking on his bottom lip. It is so cute.
He's sittin up pretty good too.

the hubs... he's good

So anyone who has driven by my house this summer has noticed my lawn... ick! It has been terrible, but I do have an excuse! My water spicket has been broken so I couldn't even water my lawn... anyhow, the guys are done haying so they finally have had time to help me with a few things and fixing the water was one so now my lawn is finally getting a little greener!
Switch gears: Jade roped in Fyler, ID on Friday and got home late late. Saturday morning he was like, "I got you something, I left it in the truck so I'll go get it." So me and Brayker sat by the door and waited for him. He went back to the horse trailer and came walking back with this little baby!
I love my husband! He is fabulous! I am so excited to have my own lawn mower! I have already mowed my lawn twice! I'm glad that we waited so long before we got one because this was reg. $300 and Jade got it for $86!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

32 weeks... 8 months?!

my little monkey is getting way toooo big! where does time go? :(
brayker can now stand up in his crib... (right when i get him trained to lay down and fall asleep) so when i put him down to sleep, he scrambles to the edge of his crib and climbs right up! so i just have to keep laying him down over and over until he finally decides it is ok to just lay there... he thinks he is sooo big and he is so proud of himself when he can stand now...
whoops... :)
fyi. braykers shirt says "daddy is my super hero..."


we went to the pool at sweetwater on monday and tuesday... brayker LOVES the water! his favorite is to splash the water. it is so cute because he holds his breath when the water hits him in the face. he is my fav ever!!
*wish we could go everyday because he slept ALL night*