Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Well I can't come up with much that we have been doing... other than going to ropin's. Grandma Weston had club yesterday and mom and I were "privelaged" enough to get to help her. She has a group of friends that get together once a month and play Rook. The host gets to feed everyone and it was granny's turn. The best way to explain how big of a deal it is would be to say this... She is already worried about what to serve next time. :)

Brayker thought it would be comfortable to cuddle up under grandma's rug with her couch pillow... he is crazy!
 Looking for deer on the mtn.
 Riding Waffles..
 Happy Birthday MOM! We met my fam at Bear Town in Evanston and celebrated that crazy lady we all love! We (us, Steph&Bri, Dad) gave her a NookColor! She is excited and I think I am going to be stealing it from her more than she thinks. :) Love you Mom! 
 Happy Valentine's Day! My amazingly awesome husband came through big time on Vday! I love all of my gifts! Thanks Jader!
 We were able to spend the chilly weekend in Mesquite! Jade won a ropin down there and then we got rained out... Poor dad didn't even get to rope but we had fun!
Brayker had a fun weekend and was a trooper for sure!
Well, we are now on day night 4 of our "sleeping in our own bed" journey. Brayker has fallen alseep in his own bed the last 3 nights. Not happily but he has done it and I'm proud. The first night I lost count of him getting out of his bed after 13 times... rough guesstimate: 19.  Half the time he would just walk in and check on us and then go get back in his bed. Sometimes he would bring his pillow and blanket and try to sneak in bed wth us... But we made it. Hope it gets better.
I hope that everyone is doing great! xoxo

Friday, February 11, 2011

We went to Kuna ID last weekend to a team ropin. Brayker stayed home with g&g Stuart and he had fun. We had a relaxing weekend, watched a lot of team roping, made it to the mall for a teensy weensy hour and visited with Tad, Johneen and the kids!

Brayker helped his dad save a baby calf the other night. It was a very cold night so the calf got to sleep in 'grandpa's garage'. Brayker had to keep checking on it along with the 7 puppies that are sleeping in my dad's sauna right now. :)
My darling 2nd mother sent us some fun Valentine's treats in the mail! It was a fun surprise and she even made all of us pillowcases! She is the best and I love her so much! Thanks Laura!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Brayker is 2!

Well my baby is officially a little boy... where did the last 2 years go?  We had such a fun birthday party! Everyone came and we had presents galore. Still trying to find places to put them in my house!

This is just a random blog.... who would expect any less? But this morning when I got to work, my darling husband had sent me flowers.... thank you Jade, I love you so much!

UpLeft: Brayker loves to have grandma Reta read to him. UpRight: went to visit Matt & Hilary and she has the cutest island in her kitchen. Brayker drew chalk pictures all night!
BottomLeft: Brayker's new train tent that Santa brought him! BottomRight: we finally converted Braykers crib to a toddler bed.. likes it more than before!

We went to Vegas in December! We had so much fun! G&G Willis kept Brayker so we were able to do adult things and go to Casino's every night. We had a blast!