Saturday, September 17, 2011

wow do I feel guilty...

 Proud big brother!

We've had a few fun big changes in our family since I have last posted... Knox Lee Willis was born on September 4, 2011! It was such a wonderful day! And also my new niece Presley Kacey Stuart was born a week later, September 11.  Yay for babies! I love my family, my life and my amazing husband... He was a trooper through my pregnancy and I appreciate all he has done for me.  He is the cutest dad and I love to watch him with our boys. Thanks Jader!

Labor story:
*September 1st: I had a Dr. appt.  I was 50% thinned and dilated to a 5.
*September 2nd: (Friday) Jade, Brayker and I headed to Midway to stay at the family cabin.  Laura and Whitnie were there and we had a fun relaxing night...
*September 3rd: Jade roped in Heber and then took off for Wellsville to a rodeo. We relaxed all day and then decided to head to Park City.  Dropped Whit off at the Alpine Slide and Laura and I headed to the outlets. We only went in a few stores and I was startin to feel a little crampy and got a little nervous.  I called Stephie and asked her what to do. She told me a few suggestions but reminded me that it wouldn't be fun for anyone to have a baby in the car... So Laura drove me to Evanston (bless her heart).  We went to Steph's house... I was dilated to a 6 and she said if I checked in to the hospital then they probably wouldn't let me leave. I waited for Jade and when he got there we finally decided to wait it out overnight and see how I felt in the morning. Mom and dad took Brayker home with them and Jade went home to shower and get some clothes and my baby stuff. I stayed the night with Steph and we watched "Life As We Know It". Way cute show. :)
*September 4th: I slept in and took a bubble bath while Steph went for a walk. Jade showed up and took us to lunch... where they both tried to talk me into going to the hospital and getting things checked out (i'd been contracting all night and morning). I consented and we headed to the hospital. Barb was the sweet nurse working and she said I was dilated to a 7 and that I'm not going home. :) I got my epidural and they started the pit.  Epidurals for some reason kind of make me sick and I kept throwing up and feeling icky... so they gave me some meds to help with that... and they completely wiped me out. I was so tired and pretty much out of it. I don't remember alot of what was going on in between. Dr Evans was on call that weekend and she was amazing. She came in and broke my water. A little after 5pm Barb checked me... I was still very much out of it, and remember her saying "Ok... I'm gonna keep my hand here because babies head it ready to come out, so when you are done contracting, I'll move my hand." I was thinking "what? I can't keep my eyes open let alone have a baby". Dr Evans came in and Steph and Jade were standing by my head helping me along. They had me push once and then I pushed again and out came Mr Knox!! Yay, what a wonderful day!
He was 7 lb 4oz and 20.5". Born at 5:13pm.