Monday, December 6, 2010

meet waffles...

Gran & Brayker!

 Brayker got a pre Christmas gift this year from G&G Willis/us... a super cute pony named Waffles.
Brayker loves him soo soo much.

We have been super busy...not sure what doin, but I guess that is how it goes.
Happy Late Thanksgiving! We went to Woodruff and later in the day went to Lindon and had a fun weekend. Laura, Whit and I went midnight MADNESS shopping! :) Just to Wal-Mart but we had fun!
My cousin Zane passed away a few days before Thanksgiving and Grandpa Chuck passed away last week.  Jade had to speak at his funeral today and did a wonderful job. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful tribute. Tomorrow morning we are leaving for Las Vegas til Sunday! Brayker is staying with G&G Willis and I am already homesick for him, but I know it will be good for him. Jade and my dad are roping Thursday so GOOD LUCK!
Also**Today is my SIL Whitnie's birthday! Love you sooo much Whit!