Monday, September 15, 2008


Ok, I'm finally going to write a post!!!! 2 weekends ago... wow-me and Jade went to Jackson and he won a ropin! It was fun. I went shoppin with my friend Emily and also my mom! We ate at the Merry Piglets which was a very yummy mexican restaurant. Thursday and Saturday, Jade roped in the State Fair. We down early the first night with my parentals and walked around the shops. It was fun, Jade bought me a new purse that I love love love!

I started my LAST college class and I go every Monday night... It is Biology-Plants and Civilization... yuck. Honestly, it is going to be hard, but I want to finish so we will see. Work is good. I think that me and mom are going to go Logan tomorrow and my friend Em is going to cut my hair, and I'm plannin on buying paint for my baby's room and my bathroom! FUN FUN! I textured my bathroom but am tryin to decide what else to do with it.

Everyone knows now, I'm having a little boy and I am sooo excited!!! Jade was ecstatic and I'm glad that I could make him happy for once... :) Jade and my dad roped in Ogden on Saturday so I got to go to a few stores and we made it into Old Navy and I got this jacket for my little guy. The one on the little feller in the middle! Cute huh?!

I also got him a shirt that reminds me of Uncle Wader...



Hey Ronda, it's me again...super cute shirt, my little Cole has the same one I think. Check out the pic of Cole on the left side of my blog. He is holding a little horse. I bought the shirt because it reminds me of his uncle Clint!! :)