Sunday, March 29, 2009

blessing day

Today was Brayker's blessing and Jade did such a great job. It was so spiritual! Brayker was fantastic too. He didn't cry once during church and was just a little angel. :)His outfit was so cute. Thanks Emily for letting us borrow it. I wish I would have gotten some more pictures of him but I didn't. :( He had a tux coat jacket with the cute little tail in back. Oh my heck he was adorable!!!

Here is Pops and Brayker chillin. Isn't that so cute. He loves TV.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Brayker's room is finally 'kind of' clean and organized! I bought some of those cheap wooden letters at wal~mart, painted them blue and then mod~podged paper on them. Then chalked around the outside of the letter with brown chalk so it would stick out a little better. Then I vinyled in the rest of his name. This is a picture of his messy closet. He has so many clothes and I threw more than half of them in his dresser. On the right is his light switch. It looks kind of goofy with the horse on it so I think I am going to take it off. And the bottom right picture, I finally got Jade to put my 'Mickey Mouse' knobs on the dresser! (i would have but it needed a little riggin' and i didn't want to take the time)
Anyhow, Brayker had his shots on Monday and he did so good. Jade was there and I made him stand there with him and the second he started crying, so did I and I had to run over and be close to him. :) Not that I helped any but I felt better. He weighed 12lb. 6oz. and was 23". Cute little fella. We are blessing him on Sunday so feel free to come. :)

Monday, March 23, 2009

Top: we had mom and dad over for dinner. Our table is so tiny so we were a little squished... :)
Bottom left: my new hair, I love it!
Bottom right: Brayker is at work with me today and see how hard at it he is? ...

Brayker loves his uncle Wade!

Saturday, March 21, 2009


ok, i seriously love my son... who doesn't love their kids though right, but oh my heck!! there aren't enough minutes in a day for me to love on him! he is starting to talk (or just wiggle his tongue and make noises) eww i could just eat him though and he smiles a lot now when you talk to him. he is growing way too fast! he is 2 months and 3 days old and i can't even believe it! he gets his shots on monday and i'm not looking forward to it! but anyhow! i'll try to post some more pics since i am such a slacker lately!