Monday, September 15, 2008

Also, I went and saw The Women this weekend. I thought it was pretty cute... and I would watch it again!But I can't wait for this to come out... it comes out the 26th, a day before my anniversary so maybe we will go see it. I'm sure Jade will be excited about that....


Bo and Mandy

I seriously want to go see Nights in Rodanthe too. I tried talking bo into going and seing it with me but he told me no. Lol. Maybe, we'll see if I can change his mind. And i love that little jacket! Ahh how fun to be buying little boy clothes


Can't quite look at Nicholas Sparks the same since the summer of "The Notebook". I think you know what I mean....


Oh, i love the clothes that you got ronniebob!! How fun!! I want to see the women and i really want to see Nights in Rodanthe, i want to read the book too!! Good luck getting your paint and stuff, sounds like fun!! Love ya


I can't wait for Nights in Rodanthe to come out either. Can I just say that you don't look like you're pregnant at all! The clothes you got are really cute. Shopko also (surprisingly) has really cute baby clothes.


How fun! Congrats on having a little boy. That will be so much fun. I haven't even heard of women, but i might have to look into it. I read Nights in Rodanthe earlier this month and it was an alright book, nothing compared to Twilight series, but i also want to see the movie. I hope it is better than the book. I bet it is fun shopping for baby clothes. How exciting!


Ronda i was playing with your baby widget to see how many weeks you are and we are EXACTLY 16 weeks to the day apart. Crazy crazy!!