Thursday, September 18, 2008

just a few pics!

This was today!!! I love Jader, he is goin to Mesquite & St. George this weekend to win some big $$. I volunteered to hold the fort down... :)
I made him take a picture of my new hair. My friend Emily did it and she did so awesome! She did my toenails too, she is a sweetie.
This is my new purse. :) I bought a coat rack the other day too, I've never had one and found a cheap one so I thought why not, i'm gonna be a mom and coat racks look mature... :) Ha!!
My mom is gonna die but I just had to throw this on!! We are at the state fair and isn't she just the cutest woman in the world.?!
This is a yucky before pic of my baby boy's room. Yuck huh? :)
Here is an in progress picture of it. It is white today because all that texture is drying. Hopefully next week and I can put some more updated ones up...

This is from the parade in Randolph...
Here is the cute fam!



Fun pics ronda, love the purse, love the coat rack, love the pic of your mom, and love your big brother LOTS and LOTS!!


i love your hair it's so cute! what you been up to?