Friday, August 28, 2009

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We are always joking about our family picture! I know, you look at the pic and think, "Wow... that is a huge family!" But then you look close and notice that the 3 families are color coded. Our fam is the little guys in green in the front row. Kind of have to block out the red and blue in order to find us, but we are there. ..Now:
This was the day of Tagg's blessing! This is the whole crew except for Wade and Ash! Our family has grown quite a bit and it is soooo fun!
*thanks for the picture Sher! :)

I found this in our pictures and I just love it!
Grandpa Weston is now 90 and Grandma is gonna be 87 tomorrow!

Friday, August 7, 2009


**Well my little guy is 28 weeks old! 7 months... I can't even believe it. He has been the greatest baby ever and I love him so much.
- animals
- baby einstein
- food of any kind
- steering wheels
Loves to talk and is sooo close to crawling. He gets up on all 4's and tries so hard to go, but eventually tips over.
Jade has been a wonderful father too. They have so much fun together and they'll both be so glad when Brayker is big enough to go out workin with dad.
***Jade has been rodeoin like a mad-man and they've been hangin in there pretty good. Went to Logan last night and he is sitting 2nd. Tonight he is in Grace and Coalville on Sat.
*** Grandpa Weston turned 90 last month.
*** Finally got my hair done... it is shorter and dark now.
*** My phone died so I have absolutely no numbers for anyone. I'm not due for an upgrade until next year... ugh.
*** 5 year reunion is this month- CRAZY!

loves the water...

This was Braykers 1st time at the lake!

First time in a pool!

First time at the dam! Loves his Uncle Wade and Aunt Ash.
Mom and Dana... they are sooo cute!

Brayker just about hops out of his skin whenever he sees a dog. Gator was so good to let Brayker pull his hair out!