Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I was planning on telling this story a month ago, but how easy things slip my mind... So it was June 2nd, 2007. Most of you Rich County-ites recognize that as being Testicle Festival time of year, and for all of you Rodeo wives... you know that it is rodeo season FULL ON! Well if you know me real well, you know that rodeo's aren't my thing. Poor Jade didn't know this until a year after we started dating because you all know that when you first start dating someone, you are on your best behavior & try to make their interests your interests, BUT this was our 2nd summer dating and my true self was starting to come out. I wanted to stay with my family at the Testicle Festival but Jade wanted me to go with him to Evanston to watch him rope in the slack & I finally agreed to go with him. So blah blah blah, he ropes and it didn't turn out good. Well his family had come to Evanston to watch him and they were all trying to decide what to do, whether to go watch the concert at the TF or just go home. I'm usually an indecisive person but I knew that I was starving so I said, let's all go to dinner. Every single person ignored me and Jade was like let's go back to Woodruff. I knew that we already missed the dinner there so I started to sulk (i'm not proud), but I was just plain out grumpy that day. So we get to Woodruff and i'm just minglin with my family... I saw my Grams & Gramps sitting in their car so I went and started chatting with them about everything. After a few minutes Geo got up on stage and started doing the auction and Jade found me and told me to come sit by him. So I get out and walk over to him and he just acts like nothing ever happened and starts talking to his dad, I was like good grief, make up your mind, so I slid on the fence next to my dad and watched the auction... Well they started auctioning of a rifle and dad bid on it a few times, but then quit (surprisingly) after a minute, and leave it to Geo- he was like "Ronda, get up here and model this gun for your dad." Talk about embarrassing!! So a few pushes and pulls from everyone finally got me up there and Craig started walking me around the people. Then I hear Geo say something about somebody else wanting a part in it and I look up and lo and behold there is Jade grabbin the microphone from G. I instantly knew what was going on... and started to cry. He took his hat off and got down on one knee and said "I'd be honored if you'd marry me." I didn't even realize what he said, and was waiting for a question so after a few seconds I whispered what am I supposed to say and he was like whatever you want. So I said yes.... End of story! Pretty exciting. I had absolutely no idea that it was coming. In fact earlier that day, Jade had mentioned maybe we should go ring shopping which was another reason that I was grumpy! He is kind of slow so i knew if he was thinking about it then it would be probably another year before he got around to it. But he is great and I love him sooooo much!



Ronda, what a cute story! I think that the vidoe was pretty good too!! What a sweetheart to surpirise you!! Im still mad i missed it!!

Bo and Mandy

Ahh, it seems just like yesterday :)


Congrats to the little one on the way!


And now you're expecting a baby...at least I think. I guess I'll find out in a week when I start blogging again. :)


Rhonda that is such a funny story! It gave me goose bumps and made me laugh at the same! You and Jade make such a cute couple and you look like you have SO much fun!