Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I know that this is ridicously hard to see or even tell what it is, but i'm excited and my scanner at work won't copy so I hurried and just snapped a pic, but isn't my baby the cutest? :) For all of you who don't know I'm pregnant, then ya I am... i'm coming out. :) But I am 13 weeks tomorrow, (3 months, 6 days for all of you have never known the week system) and I'm so lucky and blessed because I haven't been sick. I even thought maybe I wasn't pregnant, but after my doc found its little heartbeat and took this picture, it is kind of starting to sink in, but not very quickly...


Bo and Mandy

Ahh, I am so excited for you. And that is so nice you haven't been sick! Yeah, I can't believe your going to be a mommmy! :)


YEAH! I knew it. I mean, don't mind the little floating baby counter in the corner of your blog. I just happen to have intuition. :) So excited for you. Congrats!


I think your baby is cute already! Congrats! Oh, and I have two kids and it still hasn't sunk in yet! :)


Ronda, im so jealous. Just remember how lucky you are!!! Nick and I love you and we are so excited for your baby to be here so we can love it!! Im so glad you haven't been sick!! I can't wait to see your belly grow!!:)


Holy Cow! I had no idea but I am so happy for you! That is so exciting. YOu will be a great mom - I bet your parents are excited!!


AHHH how exciting.


Oh how fun Ronda, you have a lot of fun milestones ahead. You are also VERY lucky to not be sick... that is what makes pregancy so miserable for me. Soo... yay for you and congrats again!


congrats! hey how are you?
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