Friday, July 11, 2008

i'm a little late!

I know that I am a little late, but we had a such a great weekend!!! Jade went ropin and I didn't feel like traveling and sitting in the heat so I went to the rodeo with my parents on Thursday (dad roped with Lou and took 3rd) and then with them to the parade on the 4th! It was HUGE! :) Then we hit KFC and took a little ride out to Mirror Lake.

Well we didn't really want to pay $20 dollars to eat our chicken and leave so we just camped out on the side of the road! I know I know, a little redneck, but we are from Randolph so I guess we have a right! It was fun though!!

When we got home that night, Crazy Curly (my aunt shirley) informed us they were goin on a picnic to the homestead so we got to crash their party! It was fun to be with them and tease all of the kids! I love them and wish that they lived closer, but such is life!! On Saturday, I didn't have my camera, but we all went to Bear Lake! The guys rented jet ski's and had a great time and the girls layed in the sun and the kids had a great time! It was such a fun weekend!

This is Sherrie and Jason! They are a bit crazy but life wouldn't be the same without them!

This is Amberlynn! She definitely rules the roost in her family!!

This is Morgan and Miles, they are twins and the sweetest kids in the whole world!

This is Dean, Reeder, and Curly Sue!

This is Brett and baby Will! He is soooo cute!

Mom & Dad went to the rodeo with us in Oakley on Saturday night! It was great because me and mom took our lawn chairs and sat in the parking lot and watched the jumbo tron! It was perfect because the rodeo was sold out and we knew we would be squished to death so it was great! Jade looked great but his partner missed! Ahh, it was so fun though!



That is too funny about the chicken on the side of the road!! I wish I could have drove by and seen that!! I love the engagement story too, I must have left right before that and missed it!! Darn! Well I am glad you are happy and doing great. Talk to you soon.

Bo and Mandy

I love that you ate along the road! :) Cute pics!