Wednesday, July 16, 2008

we went to jackson friday night and stayed until sunday morning. it was so much fun. i had a blast with my parents. on saturday, the guys roped and the gals went shopping!!

we ate at the saddle rock saloon which is hooked onto the jackson hole playhouse. one of my favorite places in jackson. my fam would always go to jackson when we were younger and the parentals would take us here and they just do a great job!

anyways, while we waited for our food to come out, our waiter sang to us. it was great... kind of awkward cause it was just us and him, but he had an amazing voice. he played clay boone in cat ballou that night.

this is jeanne weston. she is so cute and was so embarassed. i love her and she is so much fun. we had fun shopping together!

this show was soo cute and funny. i definitely recommend it! but jackson was great fun and dad won 2nd in one of the ropins so kind of exciting!



you are so lucky!! cat ballou is one of my all time fav movies.. i would love to see it live. when do you ever get time to sleep?


hahey!!!! I didn't even know you commented but that excites me!!! I love you man!!!! and don't worry... i sleep plenty! We'll have to go to Jackson and watch it together!