Wednesday, July 2, 2008

*one more*

Alright, I know what everyone is thinking... ENOUGH WITH THE KITTENS... but here is my side of the story. They are at that age where Maui and I need to let go of them. Kind of sad, but it is a part of life i'm told (by my everloving husband). And so i'm writing one more time to let you know that they want you to be their new owner. Yes you. They are free and clean and happy! So let me know what you think because time is running out. Char is going to take them to Star Valley next week where they may or may not be given away and who knows who to, so I would rather you have them... thank you thank you!



Cute!! I wish i liked cats!! I like to admire from afar!! Cute pics tho!! Its so hard when you get attched!! Good luck sis!! Love ya


Oh those are way cute, I am glad my little girl can't see them. She would be BEGGING. I didn't know you were pregnant Ronda that is awesome! It was great to see you in good old Woodruff talk to you soon.

Nicole Martin