Friday, July 18, 2008

~girls day~

On Wednesday after work- Mom, Ash & Me loaded in the Enclave and headed for Draper! We got to see Dana's house for the first time and it is AMAZING!!! Dana is Ashley's mom and she is the most amazing and beautiful woman. I love her! I didn't get any pictures of her lawn but it is so absolutely breathtaking! When we got there, we ordered some very yummy chinese food and ate it on her back deck. NO BUGS!! It was so wonderful! Then we watched High School Musical 2 (thanks to Shelly). Mom and Dana didn't quite make it through but me & Ash held strong (thanks to Troy...) Ha!
Aren't they gorgeous!!! This is Thursday morning. We ate chinese food and toast with some yummy green tomoato jam... is that right Ash? I think that's what its called but it was great.
Cheers! :) Dana makes pottery and all kinds of beautiful things like this mug Ash is holding.

We went to Tai-Pan and spent 2 hours, but we got some fun stuff!!! Our carts would fluctuate. When we saw something we liked we put it in the cart and "let'er ride" til we found something we liked better or decided we didn't want it.
Then we went to Gardner Village and ate at Archibald's. It was so fun and the food was great!
It was such a fun place. They have brought in lots of houses and made shops out of them, we didn't get all of them hit but we still got some fun things!
If you go, you have to go to Anastasia's Attic! It has all kinds of cute fun girly things!!!
Make sure you ask for the fairy dust. They stamp it on your cheek with a cute little fairy wand!
We are all sporting the glitter stars on our cheeks! Cute huh?!

Then we had to hit the candy store! Here's the gals eating their fudge! :)

We had such a wonderful time and now that I know how to get to Dana's house, she had better watch out! :) She took such good care of us we can't wait to go back. Thanks Dana!



Isn't Dana so fun? I love her so much. And yes, her yard is the best.