Sunday, February 1, 2009

This was in the hospital the day after Brayker was born...



You looks so great already. How are you feeling? It is amazing what our bodies go though. He is so cute.


Good to hear that you are reading Babywise. It is the best! It helped me so much! It is hard to get them to stay awake after feedings, but it will pay off later. I'm glad that things are going good for ya!

The Funderburks

Where have I been? What a precious baby! Love the name.

justin and sherrie

Ok, I'm totally jealous that you already look so good. I need some help so feel free to pitch an any ideas. So I'm glad that you are working on a schedule with him already. Koy's pediatrician says rats can be trained and babies are much smarter than rats. It's so good to get more sleep. I love the pic of his little foot and your ring! So precious!

Northern Nuts!

Sherrie's rat comment is the funniest thing I have ever heard a doctor say!

Who needs a schedule - whatever! Maybe that is why my kids run amuck! I should have trained those dirty little rats!

Amanda and Kalon Downing

your baby boy is darling. I didn't know you had him already. Congratulations. I bet you feel like you sit on the couch and feed him all day, Enjoy it because soon he will be running around before you know it. Take care. Let me know if you need anything meals???