Wednesday, February 18, 2009

guess who's one month old?

Brayker just got out of the tub and I had to take a picture! He has such beautiful dark skin and I'm so jealous! and He has the longest eyelashes in the world (just like his dad) and he has 3 dimples... again thanks to his father! I love my baby and I can't believe that he is a month already!
Poor little guy had a PKU on Monday and he did so good. I was a bigger baby than he was...



ronda he is so cute. I blogstock you all the time to see new pics of your lil cutie! :)


I can not believe he is getting so old. Just enjoy every minute my little guy in alomst one and I can not believe it.


He is darling Ronda, I can't believe in those pics today I think he looks a little like Wade! Crazy. I bet your a great little mommy!

justin and sherrie

Oh how cute! I love the little smile and it's amazing that he's already a month old. Koy was pretty dark when he was born and the nurse like made fun of me because I was so white. If I could have kicked her I would have.

Northern Nuts!

I freakin' need to squeeze him!!!


Ronda! he's so cute! look at that smile! what a sweet baby! i miss you guys! i can't wait to see your babe in real life!


O he is so little and cute! I can't believe he a month they grow up way too fast it's not fair!

Bo and Mandy

a month already? holy cow. growing up so fast. He is such a cutie