Thursday, February 26, 2009

my very own little care bear...

Ok, so I am a mean mom and made Brayker wear this yesterday... just for 5 minutes though to take a few pictures... he is absolutely adorable in this outfit and I can't believe it but it isn't going to fit him much longer. :(



Poor kid. This is like the pink bunny outfit on A Christmas Story. haha


I love the little outfit. I think it is cute. I am amazed at what you did with that picture. AWESOME.


Hey that isn't so bad. I have (or well I used to have pics) of Rory in a cute little blue velvet dress that was mine when I was a baby. Brayker is so cute Ronda :) I love seeing the pictures you post of him. Makes me all the more ready for grandbabies :)

justin and sherrie

I'm glad you atleast put him in it... I can't even bring myself to put Koy in anything that has a disney character on it or Winnie the Pooh...


Hey cutie! I noticed Brayker's binki. They have the cutest gumdrop pacifiers that stay in their mouths better, online at They are basically the same but they are shaped to fit around baby's mouth and don't pop out as easy. Cute, cute colors too-especially orange. You can even get vanilla scented ones. They are around a $1.25 a piece if you order 7 at once. I got some for Chansy and then she decided that she didn't like binkies any more. I love them though!


WOW Ronda he is getting so big...He is super cute though!


Ronda! your baby is adorable! it's still so crazy to think that you have a baby! it looks like you are just loving it though! i'm so happy for you!