Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i'm gonna be a mommy...

I went to the doctor yesterday. First of all, he had jammed his finger playing basketball so he had to use his left hand. Wasn't quite as skilled and I thought I was going to die! :) But I lived in case you were wondering! He said that not much has changed... which is fine. He could tell that his head was in the right place and he gave me a bishops score of 8. He aked how I felt about being started and I told him he is the dr and he should tell me what to do. So if I haven't gone by Tuesday night then I'm to check into the hospital at 9pm and they are going to start me (39 weeks) So more than likely my baby will be born Wednesday January 21st. :) So cute huh?! I'm trying not to think about it, but what else can you honestly think about?? :) So that is the latest! Hope everyone is doing swell!!!



I am lovin the new blog look... its way cute. A new look for a new addition to life. You will be a great mom and I know it is a little freaky not knowing what to expect and also the "getting checked" part honestly sucks!! I am so glad Jade is home and hopefully is staying close to HOME and you are resting resting resting. Keep us (your blog family)posted and what are you going to name him?

Bo and Mandy

Its getting so close! :) yeah I am so excited for you!


Thinking of you! Good luck with your new addition. You will be a great mom.


OOOHHHH!! Ronda i can't tell you how excited i am for you!! In some ways i wish it was me so that i could love on my little man! Your gonna do great!! I can't wait to see him and love on him!! I can't believe its already that time, its gone by way fast!! Love ya hun!!


BTW, just thought giggle at your description of being checked, your too cute!!


How exciting! Can I just say that I went naturally with Rory and was started with Kade and I way preferred the being started way. Good luck! I'll be thinking of you and your little guy.

justin and sherrie

Yay! That's really good that like you'll have that lil' guy here next week. I can't wait to see him! Also, have Jade prepared to bring you some yummy food because the hospital food... gag. It gives me the chills thinking about it. Good luck and you are going to do just great! I hope that you can deliver quickley and he slides right out. :) Ah! It's really cool when you get to the hospital and they hook up the moniters and you can constantly hear his little heart beating. Oh, I could just talk all night! Good luck again and I love your blog to. It's so cute!


I am with sherrie on the slide ride out comment. What an exciting time in your life. Can't wait to meet him. Not to scare you but being induced for me was a LOOONNNGGG labor.


Hey cutie!! Hayes and I are so excited for you. He really wants to meet his new cousin. I hated being started. I went over with all of my kids except Kalon and they just got easier and easier. I got started two days after Kalon was due and it was not fun at all. It is so hard to wait though especially with your first babe. Spoil Jade while you still have the energy and by heck, he'd better be taking good care of you!!!


YAY that's great! Congrats! I'm glad you are doing good. I also got induced my baby was born 1 1/2 weeks early it was great and I'm glad I got started I want to do that every time! Good luck!!!


how exciting!! Yay!!
I hope everything goes well! Good luck!!


Good luck. Everything will go just fine. I'm with Amber being started on the 1st was forever but worth every minute.