Saturday, January 17, 2009

YaY fOr ShOwErS!i!

I had my shower today and it was sooo much fun! Thanks everyone and I got SOOOOO much great CUTE stuff! I love it all! I'm so thankful to have such great friends and family! My Aunt Shirley made this cute diaper cake! I love it! I don't have too many pictures so I will try to get some of my fun presents so everyone can see! Thanks again!



Sorry that I didn't make it. I really wanted to come, but Sim got home early and was making me feel guilty about leaving, so it's his fault. Anyway, I have your present, so I'll have to get it to ya sometime. I'm glad you had a good shower! Hopefully you got lots of stuff that you can use! Good luck!


I am sorry that I missed your shower. Did you get my gift in the mail. I really wanted to come but I love ya but I was not staying homw from Cancun for the shower. I am glade to hear that it was a great time.

Northern Nuts!

Ronda - it was a fun party! We are ready to babysit! The girls decided on the name Billy Bob Willis. 2 more days! WOW!


Very cute Ronda I hope you got some great things. Showers ARE fun!