Wednesday, January 7, 2009

kind of an update

Hi there! I hope everyone is doing lovely... and here is the scoop in my life. Jade's grandfather in Oregon passed away and his funeral is Friday. I went to the dr on Monday and asked him if I could travel that far and he thought I would be fine and checked everything out and said i'm looking good. Then he decided he'd better measure me just to make sure. Well, you all know how they measure ya, kinda not fun and as he is in there he makes the comment, "oh wow...". Seriously??? Then he said that I am dilated to a 2 1/2 and i'm 80% thinned. Scariness! So he told me he would let me go to Oregon if I wanted to have my baby there. Needless to say, I'm a scaredy cat and I stayed home, and Jade is now 12 hours away from me... I have been feeling ok. Lots of pressure and my back is pretty achey but I'm doing good. My luck is that it will still be another month before anything goes on... so i'm just kind of hanging out. Trying not to think about stuff.



oh my goodness! Getting close!!
I hope everything continues to go well and that Jade gets back in time!!


Oh Ronda I feel for ya! I am sorry you are kind of miserable and feel like you have a bowling ball ready to drop out on the floor. lol At least that is how I felt. I sure hope you are taking it easy and that you are laying around seriously! I know everyone is different but with my kids once I hit where you are at I progressed a lot quicker than they thought. Soo I hope Jade gets home too!


Oh and P.S. your stroller and carseat really is adorable!


all the baby stuff looks great! i hope you have him soon that would be good! but not to early either..:) good luck


Wow! You are getting close! I hope you've got your bags packed and you're all ready to go, because it sounds like you could be going any minute! I hope Jade makes it home for the special event! Good luck with everything! Keep us informed!

justin and sherrie

Holy crap! "Kind of an update?" What are you talking about! This is serious business! Sorry your not feeling great though. Atleast your body is ready to get that child out of there. On my due date I wasn't even a 1... and then my dr. made me a one and two days later, i didn't even progress ANY. It was so hard and I kinda got super emotional because everyone kept asking me why I hadn't had him and let's just say my foot was about to be shoved into some peoples mouths. Seriously, just lay around and don't move a muscle until Jader makes it home! The baby's room looks so cute and I love your stroller! We can't wait to see your little guy!


Hang in there. I know you are strong and can do this. You have to let us all know when something happens. I love your baby stuff the room is so cute.