Monday, November 10, 2008


OK, so I can honestly say... I'm so excited for Christmas! I can't wait to start burning my Christmas Tree candles and wrap presents and turn on my lights and eat homemade christmas candy! It all just sounds so exciting! Tomorrow is my birthday and I told Jade that all I want is permission to put up our tree. Not sure if it is granted yet, but if I'm not doing anything tomorrow then consider it done! :)
Anyone want a kitten. I'm taking orders so hurry before they are gone. They are only a month old so a few more weeks and you can take them home!
We went to Lindon for the weekend and had a fun time. Me and the gals did a little shopping and then we all went out to eat. Last night, Jade had to speak at Riley Smith's preisthood preview and he did so good and then I pushed him into choir practice. He wasn't too thrilled and made sure everyone else knew that by the look on his face, but oh well... he'll be thankful one day!
And it is official... as of right now- Twilight comes out in 10 days, 5 hours, 17 minutes and 35 seconds! (which reminds me... no, i haven't made it to hsm3 yet. i'm almost ok with the fact that i'll just have to wait for it to come out on dvd.) Fun fun fun!!! I thought this was an ok pic of Edward. What do you think?



Hey Ronda,
Happy Birthday tomorrow! I hope you have a great day!
I'm really excited for Christmas, but I'm kinda dreading put up a Christmas tree this year with Avery, but we've gotta have one. It just wouldn't seem like Christmas without one!
I'm so excited about the twilight movie too!


Christmas excitement has not really set in yet atleast not the shopping, but I can't believe that after thanksgiving there is only three weeks for shopping. I love decorating for christmas. WE went to High School Musical 3. I cried ya I am lame. So I am sad that I did not record good things Utah because I usually do. That is so neat!


If permission is granted for the Christmas Tree, you'll be in good company. I'm married to a disastrous mix of Santa Claus and Clark Griswald and not only is our tree up, all our decor is out AND our Christmas lights are burning bright. Happy Birthday tomorrow.


Happy Birthday (early). I just put over 300 christmas songs on my lap top (and I haven't even made it through all of my mom's christmas cds).

I don't know if it's a good picture of Edward or not. I think they could have picked a better looking guy, but that's just me.


Happy happy birthday ronda dear!! Happy days will come to you all year!! Love ya, hope you had a wonderful day!!!