Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!!!!This is my new Norfolk Island Pine tree from Nick & Sher! It has cute silver sparkles all over the branches!
My mom and dad gave me a Precious Moments Nativity set. So cute!

Grandma and Kitty... they are pretty good buds!

I know we are both a little dramatic but it is all in good fun!

This is Wade's little baby! We are still wondering what for sure he is having. He calls it his General Tsao.Jade bought me this cute sweatshirt and some yummy perfume! He is such a wonderful hubby! I had a fun birthday and still can't wait until Christmas. Our tree isn't up yet, but i'll keep ya posted.



Happy Birthday Ronda! I am glad you had fun I had fun just looking at the pictures. You are too cute. So I was watching Good Things Utah yesterday when Reagan talked about Cory's Memorial Ropin on Saturday and Jade and how sweet Jade is and gave his cell number to all the viewers. Thats really neat that he is helping with it. And I guess now he is a celebrity.

don't forget to drop in the craft fair Saturday too.


Happy Belated Birthday Rhonda! Looks like you had a fun fun day. Isn't it great when family lives close like that and you can celebrate with them. So did you ever try sending me that song you were going to send? My e-mail is bbell@allwest.net. I'm always looking for cute new ideas :)