Friday, October 24, 2008

*BIG yay for Friday*

Jade made it to the circuit finals in Ogden this year and I'm so excited for him. He went last night and he is sitting 4th right now! He ropes again tonight and tomorrow night. Kinda fun! I didn't go watch him last night, but I did take my online Biology test! It only took me 2 hours... :) Lately nights have been my worst. My back starts to ache and my belly starts to hurt whenever I move or twist. And it takes me forever to fall asleep. Ok, that is my complaining and now I am done!
So I seriously considered asking Jade if he would feel bad if I skipped the rodeo to go and watch HSM3 but then I decided against it:) Kidding, but I am excited it is out and hope I get to go see it soon.
As for Jades family, I think they are all starting to recover somewhat... for those of you who don't know... his aunt, uncle, grandma & grandpa were all in the hospital. Laura has pretty much lived there for over a month and a half now trying to keep track and take care of everyone. She is a great woman!
Well, I hope you all have a spectacular weekend and remember who you are! xoxo



Congrats to Jade! I hope he continues to do well with the roping.

justin and sherrie

Good job Jade. Also, you asked if I have any notes... um, yes I do... tons in fact but you might not want to hear them. The whole delivery process was NOT a positive experience, therefore, it may be a bit on the negative side. All I can say is sleep all you can, and enjoy walking because you won't be able to for a while. It hurts like crap. :)