Tuesday, October 21, 2008

just a few

I have been too lazy to put pictures on so I stole some from Sherrie's page! So here are a few!
This one is in San Diego on the roof of our condo.

Here is mom and some crazy little fella we picked up in Ensenada!

This is at the Hotel Del Coronado!
Isn't she the cutest?
Curly & Sherrie (the nut family)
This is at Sea World, we are lookin at the sting rays! Kind of fun!! They were so use to people feeding them that they swim up to you and put their heads out of the water! Kinda freaky but fun!

The crew in Ensenada!
What a cute family!
Aren't they the cutest! Grandpa tries to tell us he didn't have a good time, but we all know the truth! And for those of you who say I need to put a belly shot on so you can see how big I am getting, here it is! Sherrie named my little guy Norbert after the hurricane.
Here is cute little Jake! He loved having cartoons on TV since his mom deprives him at home... :) Kidding Sherrie!
I'll try to put some more on later! But it was a great trip and I'm sad that it is over.