Wednesday, October 8, 2008

6 months, 6 days & 6 baby kitties

I am six months along today!!! Wowzer! My belly has started popping out, and there is definitely no hiding it now! I still feel great and so far have had such a lucky pregnancy.
Well... we fly out of Salt Lake at 11 tomorrow morning and our vacation will officially start! (We'll be gone for 6 days!!) Crazy beans! I am so very excited to be with the girlies (+Jake & Grandpa)!
Maui had her babies in my spare closet (i don't want you thinking she had them on my carpet so i'll just let you know, it was hard wood and I couldn't stand to look at it so I put some old carpet samples in there).
This little guy is all black! He is sooo cute!
She had six and yes... she had one little red one!!! Congrats Jade!! :)



Oh im so jealous your going to mexico. Have fun for me!! Your kittens are so cute. Jade must be pretty special to have fathered to red cats AND and boy. I love that you learned about plants having sex, did you get any good info?!JK
Love ya, have fun tomorrow!!


I can't believe that you're six months along already. Crazy! I'm sure it hasn't gone that fast for you. I guess I haven't seen you in a while. Have fun on your vacation! I'm so jealous!

Cally Leavitt

How fun is that! I love kittens they are so cute. Sounds like you are feeling really good that is awesome. 6 months that is great! It has gone fast for me. Ha Ha Well congrats on the boys thing and also on the kittens. I don't think that I have talked to you since you found out! That is fun. Cally

Northern Nuts!

We are so excited for you and your kitties. Tiger FrenchFry is so excited to be an older brother, but excited enough to have any of the relations come to live with him! Sorry. but we will come play when they can handle Ryann's tender touch!


Oh I love baby kitties. We used to have them all the time growing up. Now all my mom has is my old cat.

Bo and Mandy

That is exciting. Have fun on your cruise. You should put a picture of you on here to see your progress :) Oh, I tagged you by the way. Have fun, luv ya