Thursday, October 2, 2008

happy october

we head out on our cruise a week from today! yay, i am sooo excited! just wanted everyone to know!
also, it is OCTOBER! is that seriously just pure craziness or what? wowzer. i have my little fella in less than 4 months. scary!! also, november 24th is a big day... can anyone guess what movie is coming out?

i know, i'm a little old but i love these movies!


justin and sherrie

I'm so jealous you are going to be on a fun vacation in a week. You suck. J/k. Actually, I'm glad you are going. We haven't taken too many trips with just us because going to AZ to see Justin's fam is a REALLY long drive but it's always fun. So good luck! Take lots of pictures and get a great tan! Hopefully you don't get motion sick or anything. Pregnancy changes all of that! (Or it did for me. Not good!)


Oh, how fun!! I'm really jealous too! But I hope you have tons of fun :-) I can't believe its October either... wow.

P.S. I tagged you in Man Tag!

justin and sherrie

Ok, I know it's gay to leave another comment on a post I've already left you one on but I just read the comment you left on our blog and you make me laugh! So I hear Mildred had a date with Jade's brother on Saturday, how did that go? (She won't tell me anything...)