Thursday, August 14, 2008


Cruise Time!!

We are flying into San Diego and then sailin to Cabo and back! So it will be a short cruise I think it will be perfect. Right now the plan is that we are leaving October 9th-13th but not set in stone yet!
I was just checking the ship out today and it looks amazing! Their is a casino on board!!! How sad that that is what excites me the most... I'm way excited for the food too and definitely the sun! Can't wait!!!



Im so unelated for you!! (is that a word?) Ok im excited for you, just a little jealous. Im bummed you guys will be having fun with out me. I guess we have many more years a traveling ahead of us!!


That sounds fun Ronda.. you are lucky I could barely ride in a car without throwing up when I was pregnant let alone on a ship!!


That is the same cruise ship that some of the girls in my class and I went on in June. Woohoo, it's totally fun!