Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Instead of coming out in December, Twilight the movie has been moved up to November 21st! Yay, I am so excited!!! Thought everyone should know!


Jason and Aubrey Boyer

so i'm pretty sure i didn't know you were pregnant. that's aweswome. hope you're feeling good. babies rock! and i noticed the label on that little picture on the said was 'the hubs and me.' that's funny cause i used to call jason 'hubs' all the time. cute. and so are you going to find out what you're having or do you already know?


Oh Ronda.. we are so much alike in this Twilight obsession.. I am going down and seeing it at midnight as well. Will you be doing that? I am so excited that this has been moved up... what are we going to do after though, what are we going to look forward too? lol


Oh yay!! I can't wait!! I loved your comment on my blog. Your too funny!! Im so glad that drain stuff worked. Its intesnse!!:) I thought that you looked cute in your white shirt, but ill make sure it doesn't happen again!! We seriously need a lake day, its almost september, do you know what that means, warm water, a year anniversary, stress and finding out what your gona be having!! Yay, one month closer to my little peanut!! Love ya hun!!


Hey Ronda,
I got your comment. Having a girl is so much fun. I love it! I'm sure a boy would be fun too. I can't wait to hear what your baby is!