Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i am so boring!

I apologise to anyone who checks my blog everyday only to find the same old nothing, but I regret to inform you yet again, that today is pretty much the same. I just want to make it look like I do lots of fun things and have stories to tell, but my life has pretty much consisted of packing boxes and painting my new house. I haven't taken pictures yet but I will try to post some soon enough!
I do have a new calling however... i am the new chorister in Primary! How scary! I just got put in 2 weeks ago, and the program is in 5 Sundays and my poor kids don't know half of the songs. We have made 2 posters so far, but I'll be working on a few more! :) Kinda fun though. Jade got released as a primary teacher so he thinks he is pretty lucky.
He went ropin last weekend and when he got home Saturday night, he was all like I got you something this weekend... actually i got you 2 things. So I was so excited thinking he bought me a gift, but he brought home 2 puppies. He is so sweet isn't he? So now there are 4 puppies at our house and it is kind of hard to pack stuff in when there are 4 puppies running right underneath you. So I got him 2 things yesterday! I brought Maui and our kitten to the house. I thought it was only necessary since Jade woke me up the other night begging me to turn the light on because he heard a mouse (who in their right mind would turn the light on for their husband after he said there is a mouse in the room??). So anyways, I proved my point, but I put them outside in the old house when I left for work this morning.
I am 16 weeks along today and I feel great. I don't think I am to the point where I am showing. I have always had a slight belly and now that people think I'm pregnant, they are always saying, oh look at your belly. I assure you, it is fat. But hopefully someday I will get to the stage where you can actually tell that I am a pregnant woman... but anyways, that is the update! Oh and I am goin on a cruise!!!


Bo and Mandy

Fun you are going on a cruise? when? where

justin and sherrie

Hey Ronda! You are so funny. If you are like me, this blogging thing like makes you talk to yourself a lot! I'm glad that you are feeling good. I've been feeling good until about 2 weeks ago. I have a pinched nerve and so it kinda sucks. Oh well! It's all for a good cause, right? Ok, so you are funny. People probably won't be able to tell your preggie until like after your 20 week mark... or later. We moved the end of June and like no one in our ward knew we even preggie except the primary president and bishop and that's because she told him. It's kinda funny. One day you'll be like "holy crap" and there will be a belly there and you'll enter into the wonderful world of maternity pants and stretch marks. Wahoo! So where are you going on a cruise?