Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Every year, my awesome dad ropes in Reno NV. I usually go with them for a mini vacay & it is my absolute favorite, but I was not able to make it this time. :( I know, very sad... but I think I will be ok. Anyhow, I found myself missing that yucky overkill smell of smoke and the sounds of the slot machines, but most of all... I missed the Tuxedo berries that me and my mom happened upon one day when we were walking through the Eldorado.
These aren't the actual berries that we found but they look just as great!!!

I think these ones look so cute too!! They are Baby Berries from Shari's Berries .
I have never ordered any but when I can afford a box I am going to buy some for myself because they always look amazing! :)



Just headed home from Reno. It was good to see your mom and dad - sorry you missed it

The Thornock's

Those look so yummy! I want a box to eat all by myself!

The Thornock's

And I just noticed your little baby thing!! How exciting!! CONGRATS!!!!


Oh yummy! I want some!! I hate diets!! Im glad to see you are finally telling people!!! When will you tell the story(not of how it happened of course):) and offical announcment?! Love ya


Um, I'm sorry. Are you having a baby? I don't think you'd have someone else's baby counter on your blog if you weren't. Spill it, chicka. You can't just rush in, slap a baby count down, and rush back out. We need details! Well, within reason, but you know what I mean. If you really are prego, CONGRATS!!!!!

The Funderburks

those tuxedo berries look so cute!