Monday, May 12, 2008

st george

our trip to st george was a huge success! no clouds, massive rays, and a freakin sweet hotel! we layed out for 2 days straight, did a little shopping, & i beat my own personal goal of watching movies: 5 movies in 3 days.

whit, laura & me at midnight with our feet in the pool. we considered sleepin on blow up beds, but somehow kaboshed that one.
our first view of the pool. sooo nice.
we stayed at the crystal inn & no joke... it freakin rocked! the free breakfast won me over & the fact that we could walk out our back door & there was the pool definitely made it worth it. in our room we had all the amenities: fridge, microwave & i have never been to a hotel that actually had a dvd/vcr player so if you can spot it in this picture- you win!!! (what for sure i do not know)

this is caden! he is seriously the coolest kid. this is him trying to beat whitnie. we weren't exactly sure what game they were playing but we think caden won.
this is whitnie's attempt to win; i think the fact that she didn't even land on the floatie put her out of the running.
me & laura just watched these two for about 2 hours come up with some of the dumbest pool ideas i have ever heard of, but it was some dang good watching.
it was such a great time & we had so much fun! i can't believe i get to go next weekend!!! rock on!

and for all of you who are really wondering..... the movies we watched are: ps i love you, 27 dresses, & at the theatre we watched: baby mama, made of honor, & what happens in vegas! i loved all of them but the vegas one was my favorite!