Monday, May 5, 2008


Well tonight is the night!! We have been playing volleyball every Monday night for the past 3 months and tonight is the finals! We are starting out playing the other Rich County team and then we will see. We will most likely be playing 3 games tonight and if things go South we could end up playing 4 which would mean we play the other Rich team 3 times. Intense right? I'm excited to be done but it has been so much fun playing with all of my friends and giving me something to do! Jade has been a faithful fan from the beginning and I love him so much!

On the other hand... i'm so happy that it is getting warm! As of right now my plans for the next two weekends are going to St. George to lay by the pool! I hope I get fried to a crisp!!! Not really, but I hope I come home tan so I don't have to worry anymore about wearing shorts in public!! Does anybody have any good books that they recommend I start reading? I love laying out and reading. It is my favorite except for the fact that under my chin doesn't get tan because I'm always looking down. :) I'll figure something out though! I have some more branding pictures to post so I will try to get on that sometime. Or else I will just tell you to go to Shers! She has lots of fun pictures of our weekend.


Bo and Mandy

thats right, we are going to kick butt tonight and take the 'ship! :) hee hee. Why you gettin to go to st. george? i'm jealous


Your goin to St. George for 2 weeks? You suck!! Im so jealous!! That will be fun!!I don't know about the book part, i need to start reading Twilight!! Sorry bout the wiping your nose pic, i didn't even think about it. I just think your cute and completely over looked it!! Good luck tonight with the championships!! Sounds like fun!!