Wednesday, May 14, 2008

no life... at all!

i tell you what... i have nothing to blog about. like how sad is that??? i tried to post some pics earlier but my camera won't turn on- i think i'm gonna throw it and see if that helps. in 15 minutes i get to go to the junction and help my mother paint her new house. should be a good time, but painting is not a strength of mine. it usually results in mom saying "no, you have to do it like this" and then taking over & making me feel bad. but i'm gonna give it a run.
oh, i attempted to have my first conversation in spanish today. i guess i should have taken a spanish class because he couldn't understand a word, but i actually helped the guy and everything is good. did i mention that it was on the phone? which i personally feel was much harder because he couldn't see my wonderful hand talking skills! :)
Oh, I ate at the gator today and i feel like french fry/onion ring grease is seaping out of my pores, which makes me feel that much better about myself. oh & shelly... i wish you were at work today because I wore fake eyelashes. no, they aren't feathers but it is the first time i have been able to last all day without yanking them off. usually i will try to put them on at home and end up getting glue all over my face so ya...



Oh,that gators food will always do it to ya. How are the eyelashes? I have been wanting to try them.

Northern Nuts!

Ronda, never fear! I always return to work. I was having a wonderful day at Antelope Island with the thrid grade. How could I pass that experience up to be at work?