Thursday, May 15, 2008

*catch up*

Well wouldn't you know... my camera was dead & all it needed was a good charge, so I kind of owe it an apology for threatening to throw it. sorry...
ANYHOW! i have a few pics just for fun so that you can have something to look at if you are ever desperate enough to read my page!!
These are my lovely parents! They are the greatest! We ended up taking my mom out to dinner at Chili's for Mother's Day!
I know... we are ridiculous.
Is that tacky we have matching sunglasses??? Just kidding, for the sake of a picture I made him wear them, but after the picture he wouldn't take them off.
Alright, at Relief Society Tuesday, we planted flowers. So much fun.. I wish I could say that I actually learned something but it was all kind of over my head, but my goal is to keep these alive no matter what it takes! Don't you love my yellow pot? I stole it from my grandma!

I have to show you this picture because I love my tulip lamp!! My grandma gave me that as well... she has seriously been trying to give it away since I can remember, but I love it. It is one where you just have to tap it and it comes on. Oh and my little mirror end table. I got it at Target. It was regulary $89 and I got it for $9! How sweet is that?

This is my other little plant.
And this is for Shelly... they don't always lay in a heart shape but they are always snuggling...
K, that is my latest. I think I am all caught up!! xoxo



OMG. I LOOOVVVEEE the Ellen Degeneres. But see, I don't have cable. Or satellite. Or really any TV at all. Well, I have a TV but it's strictly a movie-watching tv. But that's not the point. I used to watch Ellen all the time during the summers back in the good ole days of working at the Bear Trapper and contemplating suicide because of it. But then my dad came in and starting giving me down the country because she's a lezbian and I was all, "Dad. Lezbians are poeple too and it just so happens that this lezbian is really, really funny." He wouldn't haven't it. Dang conseratives. Sorry about the soapbox right here on your posting but I just had to let out all the pent up agression I have concerning my history with Ellen D and her show. Point is, love her!


Hey hun!! Cute pics!! I love how your flower pot turned out!! Um, your in St. George right now and im really jealous!!

i need your email so that i can send you an invite to my blog!!! Love ya!!