Friday, May 23, 2008

it is friday!!!

Today is my crazy friends birthday!! Happy Birthday Shelly!!! You rock and I love working in the same building as you!! Except for the days that you are gone! Anyways... hope you have a great day & wish I had a funny picture to put up of you but I don't so have a wonderful day!!!!
Well, another successful St George trip down!! We had so much fun!
This is my cousin Sherrie, my Gran, & Maddie on our way down. Kinda a long trip if you can't tell by my granny's expression.
This is the condo we stayed at thanks to my favorite Aunt Shirley!

Sherrie is seriously so awesome!

Sherrie giving Maddie a pedicure on the patio.

This my absolute greatest Aunt Curly ever!!

Some crazy lady offered to take our picture so we let her! I love these girls so much and had so much with them!!


Northern Nuts!


You make me feel so special! There is a tiny tear in my eye right now!!!


Hey. Remember when Cindy, you, and I decided to sleep on her tramp in the freakin' freezing Randolph weather and then go to the Rich County Fair and Rodeo? And do you remember how we went to you Grandma's house for some eats during the fair? She's pretty much the cutest lady ever. And us sleeping on the tramp was pretty much the dumbest thing ever. Fun. But dumb. I'm sure Cindy would disagree because she was all toasty-osty in the middle.