Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Summer 2012 part 1.

This is going to be a LONG post filled with some darling photos. It is so fun to look back! They might be scattered around & i'm not quite sure the timeline on a few so here we go!!!
These are a few favs from the 4th of July!!! Loving my man with me... Brayker & Tagg enjoying the parade! And of course, DON PEDROS! How could we not?! :D

Jackson Hole 2012!!! Seriously... THOSE BOYS THOUGH!!! I can't even stand it! <3 p="">
Raspberry Days! Brayker got a new frog! Yes, we bought a frog. If memories serve me right, he only lasted a few weeks & I turned it loose outside.
Grandma Reta bought a lakehouse... It doesn't look like much now but here in '16 it is newly remodeled & AWESOME!
This is a treasured memory! Grandma's 90th Birthday! We went to Salt Lake & stayed at the new Gateway! I miss Gran so much & think of her everyday... We went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory & the waiters & us sang Happy Birthday... Grandma started crying & so did most of the rest of us and after we got done singing Laurie looked around at all of us and asked why everyone was crying?! We have all grandma's gene's... See someone crying, we cry. Laurie is a wonderful addition to the family & we are glad Dean found her!!
Fair & Fish Pond! The kids LOVED it!!
ZOO Day!!!