Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Merry Christmas 2011! :) We spent Christmas Eve/Morn in Lindon and came home on Christmas! We had sooo much fun and got super duper spoiled! I swear everywhere you looked there were toys for Brayker... Jade bought me a beautiful blue topaz ring with chocolate diamonds! I love it.. and he also got me a dyson handheld vac! I use it everyday!! Poor mom was sick on Christmas, and couldn't even move her arm... turned out that she had bursitis! She got feeling better as soon as they pumped the antibiotics in her!
Brayker tuned a big 3 years old this January! It was kind of a quiet day so Brayker, Knox and I had a teensy birthday party for him! I love you so much Braykman and you have made me so happy. I'm so thankful for you and for your spirit and the joy you bring to your dad and I! Happy Birthday!
Jade's birthday was kind of dragged out a few weeks (lucky guy)...
*I took him to Brian Regan and it was soooo much fun!
*I had my bro-in-law Brian make saddle stands for our front room! They turned out great!! LOVE them!!
*I also bought Jade a new truck for his birthday... I know, I'm the greatest! :)
Jade, I love you so much! Happy Birthday. I don't know how I ever got lucky enough to be with you, but truly, I am the luckiest girl in the world. You make me feel so loved everyday and I am so happy that you chose me. You are the most amazing husband/father and I'm so happy that our boys have you to learn from. Thank you for everything! I love you more than anything and so excited to spend eternity with you..
Mom, Renee, Cally and I took a girls day shopping in Ogden! It was a blast and so fun to visit... Jade took Brayker to the ropin where he cheered for everyone and eventually fell asleep on the horse. :) He was a trooper for sure! Jade dropped him off with me at Target where he fell asleep again! Sweet little guy.
Feb 2: We took a trip to Washington to visit with the fam! Had a blast and loved seeing everyone. Knox was teething so they didn't get to see his normal little self.
Feb 6: Jade and Laura's Happy Birthday! Knox's tooth came through. Went to Palouse Falls, WA. Drove to Kellogg, ID.
Feb 7: Bought our new truck! Stayed the night in Butte, MT.
We finally made it home on the 8th... it was a fun trip and many fun memories made!
Happy Birthday Mom, thanks for everything! You have taught me so much and I hope to be just like you one day... you are an example to everyone and I'm so thankful that my kids have a wonderful grandma like you! (Dinner at Bear Town in Evanston).
Brayker on the left, Knox on the right (Jade's shirt)
In Lindon a few weeks ago, I miraculously got both boys asleep at the same time... :) I had to take some pics! Knox started grabbing his feet while he was asleep and it was the cutest thing ever.
*He now has 2 teeth!



Oh my goodness, how cute is your family?!?! I love that picture of Brayker and Knox in Jade's shirt. Hope you're doing well!

justin and sherrie

Seriously, you have some freaking cute kiddos and Knox grabbing his toes when he's asleep is sooo cute!