Friday, June 26, 2009

22 weeks old!

Brayker is getting to that point where he stares at everything that goes in your mouth and whenever you pick up a drink he wants to grab it, so I got him a little sippy cup and put some water in it. He can't drink out of it unless I help him tip it up but he loves to chew on the lid and it is soooo cute!!! He is so much fun.
Jade is all over this weekend. They roped in Lehi last night and did good. They are sitting first right now so I hope that it holds all weekend!
My parents are coming home from Reno today and we are excited to see them.
Tyler John came home yesterday and he looks super fabulous! He is such a great kid and we have missed him. He looks a little more grown up and mature. It is fun to hear him speak in Spanish.
Louie and Chelsie got engaged on Wednesday night!!! Her ring is sooo pretty and I am so excited for them!!!